People were created to live in a garden.

-Bill Thomas

Founder of The Eden Alternative

Gardens On A Roll

Garden Enthusiasts Never had it So Easy

Brookfield, NH – – These gardens are on a roll – literally. No need to dig up your yard. Instead, grow tomatoes in your living room; then move outside and plant peonies on your deck. Create a water garden next to the climbing ivy. Or start a batch of seedlings on the top shelf. And never mind the weather. This plot of earth is oblivious to rainfall – it’s self-irrigating. It’s also easy on the knees. A StandUp Garden is, in short, the perfect garden.

Plus, Ralph Snodsmith loves it. Host of the popular “Garden Hotline” radio program for more than three decades and former gardening editor for Good Morning America, Snodsmith knows gardens and gardening equipment. “Over the years, I have tried perhaps 25 or 30 different systems for container gardening,” he says. “This one takes the cake.”

Originally conceived as a way to make gardening accessible for people who aren’t able to bend and crouch comfortably, or for people in wheelchairs, StandUp Gardens have become popular in health care facilities.

But now consumers, too, are discovering the delights of this award-winning garden design. “Ours will be used on our roof as a roof-top garden,” says Felicity Lukace of North York, Ontario. Ideal for city apartments, suburban decks, and living rooms, the table-high, moveable garden systems (about 8 square feet) are also finding their way into office lobbies and waiting rooms.

They’re catching on partly because their design is so classy. “Like a fine piece of furniture,” says Snodsmith. One model comes with wood-panel doors, another features an arbor of solid oak with hooks for hanging plants. “We first had ours on the porch,” says Linda Roach of Greenwood, South Carolina, “but now we keep our StandUp Garden permanently indoors. It’s really an eye-catcher.”

But people also love these gardens because they work. Thoroughly researched and engineered, they feature a leak-proof molded structural foam vessel, weather-resistant hardwood stands and arbors, and a sophisticated drip irrigation system. Cleverly designed dividers, which still allow for effective drainage, also inspire endless creativity. Herbs? Flowers? A water garden? You can have all three – at one time in one StandUp Garden.

Best of all, you can spend hours happily puttering, even if the weather outside is frightful. “This is a product that is good for people, ” says Paul Harris, founder of StandUp Gardens. “It’s life affirming. People of all ages enjoy it. And it allows you to garden 365 days a year – no matter where you live.”

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