People were created to live in a garden.

-Bill Thomas

Founder of The Eden Alternative

StandUp Gardens for Healthcare

Four thousand (4,000) StandUp Gardens (outdoor & indoor garden systems) are now in use in all 50 states and across Canada in healthcare facilities, primarily eldercare. They have transformed the lives of many residents and staff (see Testimonials). We hear from customers regularly about the benefits of owning StandUp Gardens.

If we could summarize all of the positive feedback, it would be that the Indoor Gardens improve people’s lives. We know that this is a primary goal for every elder care facility, including yours. If you want to provide the opportunity to garden in a healthcare environment, an indoor garden is the only practical solution. They take up very little space and can be located almost anywhere (see Finding Space in Your Facility for StandUp Gardens).

Our indoor garden systems are cost-effective and provide many advantages over solutions your might undertake on your own (see Thinking About Building Your Own Raised Bed Garden?). Facilities with Alzheimer’s or other memory-loss residents are increasingly benefiting from getting their residents gardening (see Gardening with Alzheimer’s Residents). Whether you are serving independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, even hospice – you and they will all benefit from StandUp Gardens.

StandUp Gardens benefit your residents and staff by:

    • Providing year-round opportunities for independent activities
    • Bringing daily joy to residents, their families and staff
    • Stimulating conversation, socialization and community spirit
    • Adding natural elegance and beauty to the facility
    • Giving residents a sense of purpose and being needed
    • Enriching lives and keeping residents connected to the natural world

StandUp Gardens benefit your facility by:

  • Attracting new residents
  • Requiring minimal supervision and being virtually maintenance-free
  • Increasing the variety of OT and PT options
  • Helping to comply with CMS Section N on activities
  • Helping to create a home-like atmosphere
  • Garden mobility increase flexibility, the ability to change the floor plan, helping to define private spaces in large rooms, taking Gardens right up to resident’s bedside, etc.

StandUp Gardens are:

  • The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners endorses StandUp Gardens as a valued provider of therapeutic garden systems. The benefits of gardening are magnified in those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and the year-round accessibility to these benefits, provided by StandUp Gardens, is immeasurable. National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.
  • The first and only product to receive the prestigious Lifespace Design Award from the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) Provider Magazine.
    The first and only product to be endorsed by the American Horticultural Therapy Association in its 25-year history
  • The first and only product to be recognized by the American Institute for Architects (AIA) for inclusion in their Design for Aging – 2000 Review
  • The first and only product to be selected by Dr. Bill Thomas as “an excellent tool” for adopting the Eden Alternative.