People were created to live in a garden.

-Bill Thomas

Founder of The Eden Alternative


Look what people are saying about their StandUp Gardens!


“It’s exciting to find a product like StandUp Gardens; it’s inspiring to see accessibility come to the forefront of garden design.”

Nancy Easterling
North Carolina Botanical Garden-Chapel Hill, NC

Involving Residents

“The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners endorses StandUp Gardens as a valued provider of therapeutic garden systems. The benefits of gardening are magnified in those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and the year-round accessibility to these benefits, provided by StandUp Gardens, is immeasurable.”

Sandra Stimson CALA ADC CDP CDCM
Executive Director-National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

“The Therapeutic Recreation staff have been able to draw some of our more withdrawn residents out of their rooms to care for the plants and flowers that grow in the StandUp Gardens.”

Maureen Riley
Pine Run Health-Doylestown, PA

“The plants themselves have taken off climbing the trellis sides and tickling the arbor top better and faster than the average outdoor garden. Our residents have blossomed too, venturing out of their own living spaces more often to peer curiously at the new growth.”

Susan Worley
Kingswood-Kansas City, MO

“A gentleman never showed interest in any type of activity until our garden arrived… this quiet gentleman became so enchanted with the garden that he even asked the activity staff to take his picture with the garden on three separate occasions.”

Kim Cuthbertson
Life Care Center of Banner Elk-Banner Elk, NC


“Our garden lives down by our recreation room but normally doesn’t have time to grow comfortable since it roams from floor to floor. We appreciate how mobile and easy to transport the garden is!”

Dianne Tow
Sherrill House-Boston, MA

“The garden is so accessible that we can wheel it through the community to the residents that like to garden but cannot get out of their beds.”

Laura Lewis
Myrtle Beach Manor – Marriott-Myrtle Beach, SC


“I saw your gardens in LA and immediately began the fundraising to get one. We were very easily able to raise the necessary funds once prospective donors saw what our residents could do with it.”

Steven Tjeltveit
First Christian Residence-Minneapolis, MN

“We enjoy our StandUp Gardens so much that we are currently raising funds to purchase our third garden.”

Blue Ribbon for StandUp Gardens Award winning indoor garden systems

To be endorsed by the American Horticultural Therapy Association in its 25-year history.

To receive the prestigious Lifespace Design Award from the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) Provider Magazine.

To be recognized by the American Institute for Architects (AIA) for inclusion in their Design for Aging – 2000 Review.

To be selected by Dr. Bill Thomas as “an excellent tool” for adopting the Eden Alternative.

Stand Up Gardens phone number 1-800-867-8263

Shirley Connor
State of Minnesota Veterans Home-Luverne, MN

—Gardening Anywhere—

“When our Rehabilitation Center was relocated to another facility, we explored options for indoor gardening systems, and selected a StandUp Garden. Being on the seventh floor of a hospital and not having access to outdoor gardening space, we were thrilled to have our garden centrally located in our multipurpose room.”

Betsy Roy
Duke University Medical Center-Durham, NC

“Our outdoor gardening season here in the Pacific Northwest can be very limited due to our frequent inclement weather. Your StandUp Garden has brought a great deal of pleasure to our residents.”

Ann Walter
Stafholt Good Samaritan Center-Blaine, WA

—Customer Service—

“My compliments to your employees! I order supplies from many different companies and can assure you that your employees are an asset to your business. They’re kind, professional, and eager to please the purchaser.”

Denise Pikolycky
New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home-Vineland, NJ

“I would like to thank you for taking care of us here at the Manor. You continue to make our lives easy and make sure that our StandUp Garden is in working order. Whenever there is a question you are always there to answer and give the best customer service.”

Laura Lewis
Myrtle Beach Manor/Marriott-Myrtle Beach, NC

“I want to take a moment to compliment you and StandUp Gardens! Your customer service has been wonderful! I am very impressed with your company’s follow-through. A short while after our garden was shipped, we got a call from you asking if we got everything and had any questions. We have had several calls from you since then just checking to see how things were going. Not many companies would take the time to follow up after the product has been shipped. Thank you for your wonderful customer service!

Sue Pollock
Havenwood-Heritage Heights-Concord, NH


“Many of our healthcare residents utilize wheelchairs and many have difficulty reaching the plants in our courtyard. The StandUp Garden provides these residents an opportunity to independently plant and work the soil that they are so fond of.”

Peggy Jarmolych
Brighton Gardens – Marriott-Port St. Lucie, FL

“The residents really love the garden because it makes the work so much easier for them especially those who are in wheelchairs. Some of the residents felt they would never be able to enjoy gardening again.”

Marcy Manes
Minnequa Medicenter-Pueblo, CO

“StandUp Gardens have been a wonderful way to allow our residents to participate in gardening without having to stand. Their wheelchairs roll perfectly up to the garden.”

Laura Lewis
Myrtle Beach Manor – Marriott-Myrtle Beach, NC

“Patients are able to work at the garden in their wheelchairs or while standing…. We love the versatility of the StandUp Garden.”

Betsy Roy
Duke University Medical Center-Durham, NC

—Repeat Customers—

“Gold Crest has not one, but five StandUp Gardens in use throughout our facility. Each dayroom and the main dining room have been graced with the beauty of live plants attractively arranged in our gardens with our laser engraved panels prominently displayed.”

Michael Kirshner
Gold Crest Care Center-Bronx, NY

“We will definitely be looking into another purchase soon. If a healthcare facility passes up the opportunity to purchase at least one of these wonderful gardens they are doing their clients a disservice.”

Joanne Havelevitch
Brittany Farms-New Britain, CT

“We have recently finished our second purchase and are in the process of budgeting for more! I would strongly recommend the StandUp Gardens to anyone who is considering making an investment in improving quality of life”

Dianne Tow
Sherrill House-Boston, MA

“We have two of your gardens here at the Minnesota Veterans Home in Luverne and we absolutely love them. We enjoy our StandUp Gardens so much that we are currently raising funds to purchase our third garden.”

Shirley Connor
Minnesota Veterans Home-Luverne, MN

—Ease of Assembly—

“The delivery, set up and care of the garden itself has been easy. The quality is terrific and the customer service involved has been super.”

Lisa Smith
McKinley Life Care-Canton, OH

“My husband, who has difficulty assembling anything, was able to put the StandUp Garden together in just a few minutes. It really looks great and I’m sure we’ll enjoy it for quite some time.”

Patricia Lawson
Newark, DE


“We saw that it could be used in many ways-in the greenhouse, on the patio, in the activities room and even in individual rooms. We thought the mobility is really the magic behind the StandUp Garden.”

Nancy Biggar
Warminster, PA

“Several family members and visitors have inquired about the garden system, as they feel it would be a good option for them at home, as well as in other settings.”

Betsy Roy
Duke University Medical Center-Durham, NC

“Since purchasing our Pergola Garden, our residents have enjoyed many hours of gardening, which would not be possible without the convenience and versatility that an indoor garden offers.”

Paula Capone
Genesis ElderCare/Westford House-Westford, MA

— School/ Daycare/Intergenerational—

“Our facility is an intergenerational facility; we have a daycare on site. The garden works out great for the children; it is just their height. It is also a great learning tool. We mix the residents and the children in a variety of activities with the garden. The children love to take the garden to our Alzheimer unit.”

Marcy Manes
Minnequa Medicenter-Pueblo, CO

“The garden is very well constructed; durable and perfect for a child care setting such as this. The garden was well received by the parents as well and I know that a few parents are considering purchasing one for their homes.”

Jewel Merritt
KinderCare Learning Center-Newburyport, MA

“Our garden has been alive with blossoming plants nurtured by our youngest students through the winter months. It has been wonderful to observe everyone enjoying the flowers; they have been irresistible to young and old. The garden has been an oasis amidst the dreary cold of winter. It provides many opportunities for learning. The daily care they learn indoors will also be transplanted to the care of the larger outdoor garden and its responsibilities. The lighting and watering systems will help provide continuity of care for the plants when we are not in school on a daily basis.”

Margaret Rice
The Cornerstone School-Stratham, NH

“We have found StandUp Gardens Company to be great partners in developing teaching resources for children, and we will certainly continue to use this excellent quality product.”

Paul Fisher, Ph.D.
University of New Hampshire

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