People were created to live in a garden.

-Bill Thomas

Founder of The Eden Alternative

StandUp Gardens – Benefits List

The revolutionary configuration offers gardeners a number of important advantages:

1. Ergonomics – Gardening the conventional way involves bending over or
crawling/kneeling on the ground.

  • Standup Gardens permit gardening standing up, seated in an ordinary kitchen
    chair or from a wheelchair.


2. Time – In today’s busy, two-wage earner households, many potential
gardeners are constrained by time.

  • Standup Gardens require minimal time to generate very rewarding results, on average about 30% of the time required for a comparable traditional garden. Because the Standup Garden is on wheels it can be moved inside. Gardening becomes an activity that fits any schedule because it is available 24 hours a day.


3. Space – Many potential gardeners don’t have room for a traditional garden. They must either forego gardening completely or make do with a collection of odd containers, pots, window boxes, etc.

  • Standup Gardens are authentic full-featured gardens, which require only 12 square feet of floor space.


4. Year-round Gardening – In much of the U.S., gardeners don’t think of
gardening as year-round activity.

  • Standup Gardens and their various accessories support gardening year-round and work equally well in the living room, the kitchen, on the porch or anywhere outdoors.


5. Commitment – Some people won’t take on the responsibility of a garden
because they travel, and worry that plants will wither if left unattended while they are away from home.

  • Standup Gardens can be fitted with automatic irrigation (based on sensing soil moisture) that allows the Garden to be left unattended for weeks at a time.


6. Mobility – The concept of a garden that can be moved to wherever it is most convenient, including indoors at the end of the season, is new.

  • Standup Gardens come with easy-rolling, non-marring 4” rubber-tired casters with brakes. They can be moved anywhere, anytime – with optional grow lights they thrive virtually anywhere, even if there is little or no ambient light.


7. Pests – Traditional gardens come complete with weeds, bugs and a variety of frustrating garden pests.

  • Standup Gardens use natural, sterile growing mix that is weed-free. The garden is contained and up off the ground and so is less prone to insects and rodents. It is
    also easily protected from deer.


8. Lots of Equipment – Many potential gardeners are put off by the amount (and cost) of equipment (rototillers, hand tools, chemicals, fences, etc.) that is often required for traditional gardening.

  • Standup Gardens are complete and self-contained and require no tools or other maintenance equipment.