People were created to live in a garden.

-Bill Thomas

Founder of The Eden Alternative

With StandUp Gardens anyone can garden, anywhere.

Kinder Garden

The Kinder Garden Includes:

  • Finished in bright, primary colors that attract the attention of children of all ages
  • 20” gardening height, ideal for young gardeners
  • Convenient drainage eliminates plant damage due to overwatering
  • Full spectrum grow light with timer (16,000 lumens)
  • Plant hangers provide additional space for hanging plants
  • Shaker Shelf for storing supplies and tools

Kinder Garden is a child-height gardening system on wheels that allow children to garden anywhere. 365 days a year, indoors or outdoors. With 8 sq.ft. gardening space and 12″ depth of grow mix StandUp Gardens provide children with the opportunity to have a complete growing experience, seeing the full cycle of plant life from germination through flowering and fruiting to maturity.

No longer does learning about plant life have to be limited to sprouting a bean seed in a paper cup. Encourages caring and nuturing and makes an ideal intergenerational activity. Durable, hi-tech, patent pending,UV resistant injection molded garden vessel with built-in drainage on non-marring 4″ swivel caster with brakes.

This garden can be easily moved from room to room for use in multiple classrooms. Kinder Garden is designed to be a simple, hassle-free system that virtually insures healthy plants. Complete with a full spectrum, high output grow light and adjustable timer.

49″ L X 31 ” W X 71″ H

Kinder: $1,999

Assembles with tools provided in about 30 minutes.


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