People were created to live in a garden.

-Bill Thomas

Founder of The Eden Alternative

StandUp Gardens for Healthcare

Four thousand (4,000) StandUp Gardens (outdoor & indoor garden systems) are now in use in all 50 states and across Canada in healthcare facilities, primarily eldercare. They have transformed the lives of many residents and staff (see Testimonials). We hear from customers regularly about the benefits of owning StandUp Gardens. If we could summarize all […]

StandUp Gardens – Benefits List

The revolutionary configuration offers gardeners a number of important advantages: 1. Ergonomics – Gardening the conventional way involves bending over or crawling/kneeling on the ground. Standup Gardens permit gardening standing up, seated in an ordinary kitchen chair or from a wheelchair.   2. Time – In today’s busy, two-wage earner households, many potential gardeners are […]

Concerned about finding space for StandUp Gardens in your facility?

Here are some factors that you should consider – 1. Mobility – All models of StandUp Gardens are on casters. They can be moved easily by one person. The Abenaki Garden is especially suitable for moving around indoors, it can be used in many places in your facility (activity centers, dining area, resident’s rooms, nurse’s […]

The Business Case for Standup Gardens

A Standup Garden is a low cost, high visibility addition to an institutional activities or therapy program. 1. Standup Gardens can help your residents gain independence, develop increased attention span, learn new skills and make new friends as they work cooperatively towards common goals. 2. The therapeutic benefits of gardening are well recognized. There is […]

Indoor Plants Effective in Reducing Airborne Particulates, Removing Pollution and Improving Air Quality

Low-light requiring houseplants have demonstrated the potential for improving indoor air quality by removing trace organic pollutants from the air in buildings. This plant system is one of the most promising means of alleviating the sick building syndrome associated with many new, energy-efficient buildings. The plant root-soil zone appears to be the most effective area […]

Thinking about building your own raised-bed gardens?

Here are some issues that you should consider – 1. Safety – Soil is very heavy, especially when it is saturated with water, about 80 pounds per cubic foot. If you build a garden that has 10 square feet (5’ x 2’) of gardening area and 10” soil depth, it could weigh over 500 pounds! […]

Gardening with Alzheimer’s Residents

The surge in construction of dedicated Alzheimer’s facilities has led to a lot of innovation in design. Facilities, activities and programs are being devised to fill the special needs of Alzheimer’s residents. Particular attention is being paid to design features and activities which stimulate reminiscing and positive social interaction. Offering dementia residents visual and other […]

Growing 101

Tips for getting the most from your StandUp Garden: Watering: Don’t over water. StandUp Gardens supplies a high drainage growing mix that contains unusually high proportions of perlite and vermiculite. This creates a light, friable growing medium that drains well, provides oxygen to the roots and is easy to work with your hands. The 12” […]

Gardens On A Roll

Garden Enthusiasts Never had it So Easy Brookfield, NH – – These gardens are on a roll – literally. No need to dig up your yard. Instead, grow tomatoes in your living room; then move outside and plant peonies on your deck. Create a water garden next to the climbing ivy. Or start a batch […]